Sunday, March 22, 2015


As a teacher I am always trying to broaden my social circle of colleagues and other educators.  I love hearing about different strategies, programs, and lessons that others try and use in their schools and classrooms, which is just one reason that I decided to start blogging!  I love to read other blogs and get to know other teachers!  When I heard about the Slantboxes that Jameson at Lessons with Coffee organizes each month I knew this was something that was right up my ally!

This was my fourth time participating in a Slantbox exchange.  Each month you are paired up with one other teacher (Anywhere throughout the world - Yes, you can even request to be paired up with someone internationally!  How cool is that?)  and Jameson selects a theme.  February's theme was, I LOVE Teaching!  You spend the month getting to know the other teacher through e-mail, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any and all forms of social media.  As you get to know the other teacher, you put together a box of goodies that you think the other teacher would enjoy to receive around the 25th of the month and mail it off!  It is so much fun getting to know different teachers and realize how much we are alike!  And sometimes different!  :)  

In February, my Slantbox partner was the lovely Linda from Teach-a-Latte.  I loved getting to know her and when I received my box, I felt like she had known me for years!  

I am a school supply addict!  I just can't get enough!  And Roxy and Ozzy were SO EXCITED to get some treats in the box they went crazy!  I had to open them up right away!  They loved the treats...and they are picky treat-eaters. :)  I also already read Schooled! (While I probably should have been doing Grad work...shhh!)  I loved it!  I am thinking of sneaking the bell into some meetings this week.  We could always use extra smiles!  Thanks so much Linda!  You really brightened up my week! 

I missed the deadline for the March Slantboxes but I will be checking back at the beginning of April to get back in on the action!  If you want to participate as well check out the Slantbox Link at the beginning of April!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Currently

How is it already March 15th?  Could someone please explain where January and February went?  2015 is already flying by and I am going to do my best to blog a little more regularly. 

I’ve got two more posts on their way… one later this week…(**SLANTBOX post **) and another with some St. Patrick’s Day Fun coming up next weekend.  Until then I’ve linked up Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade  for the March Currently!


I’m Listening to Property Brothers.  Is anyone else completely obsessed with HGTV??? I spend days watching home makeovers and sometimes I truly think that I CAN easily complete home improvement projects on my own.  This might become a problem some day considering I hang pictures on the wall with a high-heeled shoe…


I am loving St. Patrick’s Day and all of the fun and excitement that my students are sharing with me as we are learning and creating some pretty cool leprechaun traps and St. Patrick’s Day activities.  Look for a post next weekend detailing all the fun! 


Spring is always such a busy season.  I feel like I live with a list in my hand.  And yes…the list is always color coordinated.  J


My want to read list is so so so long!  I cannot wait until I can read books for fun (i.e. not textbooks) this summer!  What are some of your favorite books I should add to my list? 


I need to remember what I’m working towards and find my focus.  I am so close to my goals.  I don’t want to lose sight of them now.

Spring Break Plans

I am so excited to simply relax, clean, work on some grad school work, catch up Netflix and hang out with some friends.